M.A.C.K. Foundation

M.A.C.K. ()

Movement for the Advancement of Cultural-diversity of Koreans

M.A.C.K Then and Now


M.A.C.K. formally, Mission for Amerasian Children of Korea, was formed on September 1995 in Chicago Illinois. It was the very first non-denominational missionary work relying totally on volunteers from all walks of life; it has not boundaries, just as love knows no limits.

M.A.C.K. was conceived by a group of laywomen whose undying motherly care and interests dictated a mission for a better understanding of children born to dual cultural parentage and the cultural barrier affecting them. Moreover, to harbor and to heightened compassion and understanding by all towards the plight of Amerasians.

The vision of M.A.C.K. has grown and as such has expanded its mission. In addition it has changed the meaning of its acronym in order to reflect the new direction of the foundation.

Mission Statement

M.A.C.K. formally, Mission for Amerasian Children of Korea, in order to meet the needs of a new and growing generation of multiethnic Koreans both aboard and in Korea now stands for Movement for the Advancement of Cultural-diversity of Koreans.

Our goals and objectives are:

1. M.A.C.K. Educational Mission:

Educating Multiethnic Korean children shall be the focus of the M.A.C.K. Educational Mission. M.A.C.K. believes that education leads to ones accepting and understanding of ones identity and thereby ones environment. It is further believed that through this learning the children can harvest the fruits of tranquility and harmony to their life.

  • Sponsoring the Amerasian Christian Academy
  • Providing multiethnic Korean Children with educational financial support

2. -MIX- Social Network


3. The Renaissance Korean Internal Diversity (K.I.D.) Project

The Renaissance K.I.D. Project

Aggressively lobby Korean and United States governments to acknowledge as its citizens and bearers of dual citizenship. Advocate the bestowment of Amerasians inalienable rights  which have been denied, but which are so enjoyed by non-Amerasians in its countries.

3. Uniting Amerasians children with their biological fathers, if so feasible and when it is in the best interest of the children, Pursue, encourage and assist adoption avenue opened to Amerasian children

Providing shelter and outreach facitilities in Korean for all Amerasian children so that they can have a place to nurture values of whlesomeness in the life. Finally, a place to interact with others so that they can be better prepared to enter mainstream society with the least amount of diffculties.

4. To praise God through our mission.

M.A.C.K. accepts volunteers from all walks of life and seeks to help all multiethnic Koreans regardless of ones religious belief.


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